februar 2012


Truly missed!!

Igår fikk vi beskjeden om at Liam (han som har tattoert meg og skulle tattoere meg mye mer egentlig..) var død! Han var en sann artist. Jeg er så stolt over å kunne gå rundt med hans verk. Hvil i fred Liam!!!! Synd du gikk bort så tidlig. 

Everybody deserves second chances, but not for the same mistakes.


Just because you know someone would wait for you forever doesn't mean you can let them wait that long.


In a world full of wrong choices, someday, someone will come into your life who will make you say... this time, I got it right!!

Valentines day is stupid. If you love someone, you'll treat them special everyday!

Dyne på, for varmt... Dyne av, for kaldt... Det ene beinet over dyna, aahh.. perfekt! Så kommer du på monsteret under senga som elsker å klå på foten din. Dyne på...

You only live once. But if you do it right once, It's enough

ღ ✰ Im surrounded by stars, I Call them friends. ♥★

Wisdom of today!

No relationship is ever a waste of time.. If it didn't bring you what you want, it taught you what you don't want. ;)

Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy.

Those we love don't go away, near our side they always stay. Unseen, unheard but by our side, they walk with us....our steps they guide. Still loved. Forever missed. ♥

Sometimes, to get what you want the most, you have to do what you want the least

I know!

Accept what you cant change, and change what you cant accept.

Simple as that. 

You know you have fallen for someone is when..

...every living moment you can't think straight because they're always on your mind.♥ 

...you know you've got it bad when he stares at you, not saying anything or smiling, and you try your best to keep a straight face, but you end up smiling anyways. Then you're deep in it. 

...YOU, yes you. You drive me completely insane, with that ridiculously adorable smile, and those beautiful eyes. So won't you please just kiss me.♥ 

...The number one reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of looking at how far they allready have gotten. ♥ 

That moment that you have to tell yourself you're not going to fall for him, you already have.

A reason I know I love you, every second I'm not with you is a second I wish I was! 

I don't care what anyone says, I've come too far to turn back, I'm not giving up on you

When people ask me if I like you, I tell them no. I'm just so glad they never asked me if I love you.

Just because today is a terrible day doesn't mean tomorrow won't be the best day of your life. You just have to get there



You can't lose what you never had, can't keep what's not yours, and can't hold on to something that does not want to stay.


A wise girl kisses but doesn´t love,
listens but doesn´t believe
and leaves before she is left... ♥

You give me the butterflies that I have been waiting for for a long long time

♥ Thank you. I needed it.