why does it feel so impossible to do one simple thing as living.

Is it really worth it? All of this. This pain and this suffering. Is it for something? Or for nothing? So many things left unsaid and undone. Life isn't easy, it isn't supposed to be either. But does it have to be like this? Does it have to be so cruel that some people chose to end it? To end it all before they've lived it at all. They say, it gets easier, it can only get better and someday. But what if, what if that someday never comes. What if its over before it begins? It's a painful road, and luckily we don't know the answer. All we really can do is live our lives, hoping and wishing that someday it will get better, that someday that pain will go away, and that someday it'll be worth it. For us left here to get that chance.


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